Frontline Commando

3.0.4 for iPhone

The last line of defense is you


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Frontline Commando is an entertaining action game in third person where you play the last survivor of a unit that was ambushed and almost destroyed. Your objective is to get out of this complicated situation alive, eliminating as many enemies as you can in the process.

The gameplay is the usual for this sort of thing: hide behind corners to avoid getting shot, use your left joystick to move your character, aim with the right joystick, and kill all the enemies that appear on your screen.

The game has a wide variety of missions in which you'll have to demonstrate your combat skills. Luckily you can count on the help of an enormous arsenal of weapons, including machine guns, sniper rifles, and shotguns, thanks to which you'll find it much easier to get through those phases.

Frontline Commando's graphics are pretty good, with a somewhat simple and rough character design but with a very nice general finish that looks particularly good during explosions and other special effects.

Frontline Commando is a very entertaining action game that is surprisingly easy to control, lasts quite a long time, and is completely free to play. The only problem, obviously, is that you'll have to pay for certain objects with micro-purchases if you want to access them.
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